My LFU Aims


My aims for LFU

  • Football needs fans’ involvement; I aim to help get it at Leeds United
  • Leeds United needs closer involvement with the fans; a seat on the board will help this
  • A fan on the board of our club will help to stop divisions within fans
  • Without fans our club is nothing; a fan on the board will help increase support
  • Many fans distrust our club’s board; fan involvement can improve trust and corporate governance
  • Fans on the board can help mould and secure the club’s future
  • With a fan on the board I’d like to see regular and sensible consultation with all fans
  • Our club is more than 90 minutes of weekly football; I want LFU to be part of the wider community
  • A fan on the board can campaign effectively for safe standing areas

Why vote for me?

  • My background in accounts helps me provide fans and LFU with financial information and analysis (My pen name is Adrian Teakdesk)
  • My qualifications and industry experience in Information Technology (IT) help me provide LFU with office and internet IT systems
  • My experience of working for over 20 years as a CEO helps me provide fans and LFU with insight into the club’s working
  • I’m a perfect Administrator for LFU with my studies for Masters in Business Administration giving me a wide understanding of all business matters from sales/negotiating/fundraising through personnel management to financial accountancy and control

History with LFU

  • I was a founding member of LFU in December 2014 and have been heavily involved ever since
  • I have taken an Administrative role within LFU since the start
  • As a director within LFU I led a team to construct the IT systems in use
  • My role with LFU extends to Treasurer and membership matters, liaising with our bank, lawyers and auditors, double checking and confirming every member’s investment and details
  • I hold the office of Secretary for the CBS and Company Secretary for LFU Ltd

General Information about me

I’m a Leeds lad living in Sheffield; ideally based for travel to Leeds for meetings with the bank, auditors etc as well as meetings at the club. I’m also ideally placed for matches as a season ticket holder of over 20 years.

I lived in Leeds until I left to study at Sheffield University where I studied Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering and post-graduate studies in Business Administration.

After university I worked as a design engineer in Electronic Information Technology (IT) designing and building computers from scratch along with low and high level programming. This led to management roles and directorships; promotion to Managing Director/CEO came in the late 1980’s.

My director roles involved leading sales & marketing teams, design & production facilities and the financial budgeting & control every company requires.

I’m now 60 years old and retired; apart from my allotment I have few ties so have plenty of time to devote to LFU at short notice.